a study in silence

she woke up,

got up.

bewildered, she took in her surroundings;

a small room, empty except for the bed on which she found herself,

with vivid green walls tinged with golden yellow.

she was reminded of leaves swaying in the summer breeze.

there were faint echoes of music coming from a distant corner.

slowly, ever so slowly, she let the music guide her.

after what seemed like hours, she found herself in a large, barren, decaying,  room.

the walls in this room were of the most extraordinary shade of black.. there was a depth to it. it was spellbinding…

she came closer “are those stars?” were they twinkling?

she felt herself falling!  but wait! the music? it was gone

the silence reverberated off the walls; it was stunning and so clear.

“hello?”, “hello?”

her feeble attempts at communication  only accentuated the emptiness of the room and the all effacing silence.


Beef with VICE

Beef with VICE

VICE recently aired an exceptionally condescending documentary about the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. After watching all painful 18 minutes of the documentary, I was like I can do this better! This is the first part of MY series on the Ebola Virus outbreak, giving you all the facts without the BS!

even just for a while

boys swimmingI remember when I started university so long ago now.. I had dreams of meeting kindred spirits! Making life long friendships! etc…
It is funny, my little brother is now echoing the disappointment  I felt after my first 2 years at McGill. Where were the interesting people? Why was it so hard to meet them? Was it me?

Obviously, from my end it was a whole load of bs.

I mean in everything you must assume responsibility! I think I was honestly just too busy being angsty to really actively participate and meet people.
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BioCassava Plus (BC+)

BioCassava Plus (BC+)

I started working on my thesis 🙂  I am doing a brief literature review to familiarize myself with the discussion around Cassava; the crop of the future.

I attached a link to the BioCassava Plus program. I read the background paper on this project back in the fall, but I felt like going through it again tonight because why not, right?

During my interview for NGO B last week, I was advised not to discuss my support of GMOs. Among the environmental crowd my viewpoint is looked down on for reasons I don’t fully comprehend nor choose to acknowledge.

How can you when you see a project like this one! It is so brilliantly crafted and holds such potential if it works! Why would I stop myself or why would policy makers turn down  the benefits of this project simply because it employs transgenic strategies?


This project is one of the 9 interventions included in the Grand Challenges to Global Health (GCGH) spearheaded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since 2005. It specifically addresses malnutrition in Sub-Saharan countries. Essentially through mainly transgenic methods, the program aims to increase the vitamin A, zinc, iron and protein content of cassava. They also want to  make significant reductions in its cyanogenic glycosides content (cyanide content) and improve its shelf life.

I don’t know man. I can’t not get excited about a project like this one. I wish someone would give me a real reason to dislike GMOs. I feel like most of the negative press is generally conjecture and largely baseless.. but I want to learn. So if you have strong opinions on GMOs and have articles to share please comment or send an e-mail to nnnebe@gmail.com.

give me thoughts

“wtf face”


This week has been strange… very strange or maybe not. I tend to exaggerate things.


I applied for 3 internships over the past 2 weeks.

I was certain that I would be offered a position for at least 2 of them ( let’s call them NGO A and NGO B). The third one, NGO C,  I wasn’t too sure of, they had offered me an interview but you know I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t confident that I had the necessary qualifications.

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to take my mind off things


I cleaned my room.

Like a proper cleaning tho.  I swept under my bed, paid some attention to the vibes and the feng-sui of my environment, rearranged shit, put up paintings, God damn,  just listing it out tires me.

It looks good though; my plants are doing well and  there is no longer a cover of dust on my floor.  So there is reason to celebrate. I am so proud in fact, that i will share a pic, show you how the urban dweller….. dwells. (HAHA!)



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in hindsight

I enjoy writing my posts in the moment but hell, sometimes it doesn’t work out.

On Friday night I was full of mind blowing, earth shattering, and revolutionizing inspiration.

But it was Friday night, and I was feeling alright! They were things to do and people to see and so I went out.  I promised myself that I would finish the post as soon as I got back home but alas…

Now here I am trying to recollect my thoughts and write them down; the struggle! To quote Ms Badu, “the flowers coming out my head ” shriveled before I could harvest them.


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musings on the globalization of food systems and its impacts on public health by Nnedimma Nnebe